Lil Ole Lady behind the 'Net Computers ??

Google's Most Excellent Image

Google‘s Most Excellent Image

“Little old lady behind some computers or one big computer cranking out the birthdays .I love this image by Google which I have dubbed Googles Most Excellent Image” , says Hartman .” This is how I feel , like the little old lady behind the success of technology and ecommerce who remains unrecognized and unpaid . My ideas on commercializing telecommunications and changing the structure of the Internet to accomodate businesses and consumers online are what changed the INTERNET into the wave of CYBERSPACE which creates the wild carpet ride that enables ecommerce and technology to aim for the stars .”

The flexibility and expansion in today’s Internet which stretches practically into every corner of the world came about because of a structural change in the way the telecom works . Some imagine that it is impossible for a science teacher to visualize and conceive changes to a structure that was built by technology . However it is possible and it has happened according to this inventor .

The Supreme Court recently denied a Petition for Writ of Certiorari which would have reopened the Appeals Court decision not to rehear Hartman’s case against the United States Patent and Trademark Office . Hartman says she is still hoping for some just recognition and compensation from the government as she says that her contributions were not insignificant but are what has made the difference between the industry just existing and becoming a success after 1990 .

Hartman Accessing Accessibility Process Figure 5

Accessing Accessibility Process
Figure 5

Her ideas on commercializing the industry by writing the design of having a network of computers linked to each other through businesses , consumers ,and their interactive websites is what opened the industry up allowing billions of users .

It is primarily the number of users and not just technology alone that has made the Internet a success and the ‘ billions of users ‘ part, she alleges comes from her . She did not have to learn how to write code or set foot in Silicon Valley to present these ideas .

She has had some criticism of late of how her articles are self – serving and arrogant that she should show other things about her skills and qualifications . She says ,” Sorry about that . I have been ripped off for 23 years and am a senior now . I do not have time to soft pedal what I know to be true . However , in the future I will share more on my blog . Meanwhile I will present as much of the technical side that I can in order for people to understand my claims . ”

Below are some diagrams from her Patent Application #11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process – the process she alleges ushered in today’s modern Internet. The drawings are not done to scale but they show how a seamlessly integrated structure that can be built from a network of computers and modems or phones being linked by Internet Service Providers . Adding more communicable devices be it computers , modems or phones can be done using this simple , almost elementary model introduced by Hartman . This creates a virtual cyberspace between the devices in which billions of virtual interactions can occur . This simplified structure presents an integrated unit capable of growth and expansion . This is different from the rather rigid and complex structures that were created in earlier forms of the telecom structure which were based on the Arpanet .

Hartman Accessing Accessibilty Process Figure 6

Accessing Accessibilty Process
Figure 6