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Simple diagram for change.
Simple diagram for change.

Internet History: A Different Perspective . Does internet history not include the introduction of ideas to use computers to broker transactions for the exchange of information , goods , and services online ?


perspective regarding Internet history and development .

For those of you who do not know what Internet 2 is or have never heard of it – this inventor who has been left out of internet history on all accounts has a different story to tell other than the one that you may have heard . The Internet 2 was invented when the National Science Foundation commissioned the Merit Networks along with others to commercialize the NSFnet .

The NSFNET or National Science Foundation Net was actually a holding place for what had basically become retired telecommunications networks based on the Arpanet . These prior telecommunications structures or what some refer to as Internet 1 had existed from the beginnings of the earliest internet history from about 1967 through 1989 when those networks mostly referred to as the “Internetting Projects” were retired and basically became what was called the NSFnet .At the time computers were still mostly used for calculations and data storage – with only about 2% of the population owning computers and participating in telecommunications. We were still shopping at physical ( brick and mortar stores ) and paying for parking .

In 1990 , Hartman a retired science teacher presented to the federal government her ideas of running a business from her home using telecommunications . See proposal cover sheet here Hartman Proposal Coversheet to Federal Government Program “ The rest is internet history , says Hartman . A history that so far has not included me in its internet archive .” The Information Superhighway as nicknamed by Al Gore ( whom some have even credited as having invented the Internet because he helped lead the fight to get the new telecom structure launched ) really took off around 1994 and morphed into what we now call by one name , the “Internet” .

Ms. Hartman alleges that this tremendous expansion of the structure and the resultant success which went on to build the telecom industry is based on the ideas which she submitted to the federal government seeking funding for her own telecom start-up Talk Shoppe Inc. a prototype telecommunications services company . Hartman who is a Science Educator with a Bachelor of Science Education degree from Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Science Education degree from the University of Pennsylvania says that she taught in her proposals to the federal government how to make the telecom industry successful by changing its structure and commercializing it . She has not only been left out of internet history but never given the chance to prosper from her own intellectual property. The changes that made the difference resulting in the Internet that you now have the opportunity to participate in are described here http://www.smartphoneselectronicsaccessories.com/black-female-claims-invention-internet/
The tremendous growth and expansion of the modern day internet or what some refer to as Internet 2 was caused by a transformation in the structure of telecom and how it works – based allegedly on her business method of Accessing Accessibility. She chose this name to title her proposals to government because it involved making the technology accessible to ordinary consumers and placing transactions such as the transfer of goods , services ,and , information online to increase accessibility and convenience . Further this enhanced accessibility of businesses and consumers to each other which would lead to greater commercial interaction . This inventor was the first to realize that using cyberspace which is latent in computers as an alternate marketplace where transactions could occur would not only be beneficial but could prove very profitable .This method when reduced to practice enables the billions of people online today – yet nowhere in the conventional internet history is there any mention of the method or Hartman.

The inventor says that that the federal government through the Small Business Innovation Research programs and the National Science Foundation denied her funding , but copied her ideas and gave credit to others already in the industry for the resultant outcome. The inventor who is female , African-American and handicapped says that she has been squeezed out of the invention of the internet and internet history although her ideas had the greatest impact and revitalized the industry . That is why she has filed in the Supreme Court because as the internet continues to expand and the field of technology , ecommerce , and related fields grow richer, she continues to suffer financial hardship and degradation .