Information Superhighway and the Internet

As we are still celebrating the 25th birthday of the web , looking back learn more about the Information Superhighway and its role in the development of the internet and web. Check out the articles below :

Title: Vehicle Technology Is Racing Towards The Information Superhighway!

More than five years ago, one of the U.S. domestic automakers introduced a plan to bring Bluetooth-driven technology to the forefront of their vehicles. Since then almost all auto manufacturers are racing to introduce new vehicle technologies as fast as they can. Many consumers embrace the new technologies, while a sizable number have raised the question – has it gone too far?
In early 2011, Consumer Reports, a widely read consumer magazine, actually gave a negative review of then new Ford 2011 Edge equipped with the new MyFord Touch technology. Their editorial staff claimed the vehicle’s technology was not “user-friendly.” They felt automakers were forcing technology down the throats of consumers.
On the other side of the technology coin, cell phone companies have been competing for the consumer to adopt smartphone technology. There’s an App for this and an App for that, and it was inevitable that the demand for smartphone technologies would affect the sale of automobiles.
Today, almost everyone uses a cellphone. It’s hard to find anyone who uses a cellphone just to “talk.” Most are checking e-mail, sending texts, listening to music, and playing videos or games.
In the last century the ultimate goal for a teenager was to get a driver’s license and a car of their own. Today’s pre-teens want an unlimited talk and data plan and a smartphone!
It’s to the point now, that consumers base their car-buying decision on the technology in the vehicle! In other words… “I don’t want the car if I can’t Bluetooth stream my music!”
Ford Motor Company was on the forefront with its SYNC hands-free communications system that it introduced in 2007. This system uses voice commands and steering wheel mounted controls to make it easy for a driver to keep their concentration on the road while making and receiving phone calls.
When it comes to technology, all manufacturers have something… GM has IntelliLink, Dodge and Chrysler have UConnect, Kia has its Uvo, Toyota has its BLU technology and the list goes on and on. The goal of automakers is to create hands-free technology to make and receive calls with Bluetooth enabled phones. However, that was just the start.
Ford’s system evolved into the MyFord Touch system, first introduced on the 2011 Edge and Explorer models. These systems have an on-board computer similar to a laptop and they receive voice commands to control phone calls, text messaging, selecting audio entertainment, adjusting climate control and helping find destinations.
The challenge for Ford was to create a system that worked with a multitude of phones, cell phone companies, different cell phone software systems, not to mention customers who spoke with a lisp or could not be understood by the system computer.
Ford engineers, along with help from the system developers at Microsoft, are currently beta-testing a new operating system. This editor has used the beta-test and found it to be much improved. It’s easier to read, faster to navigate through its screens and it seems the computer can understand voice commands a little better. Within a few months Ford will roll out its new operating software for existing customers to “update” their system and Ford’s new vehicles will be based on this new software system.
The history of the automobile is kind of strange isn’t it? It’s one thing to see the evolution of mechanical technologies such as engines, transmissions, and brakes. It’s a surprise to see auto manufacturers in the software and computer business. Next we’ll be hearing TV commercials for a powerful, fast new vehicle, but instead of horsepower they’ll be talking about computer megahertz speed! Or maybe, Dell Computers will start selling computers that seat seven and have awesome internet connections. Are vehicles being built for the highway or the information highway, or both?
Consumers don’t really need to “kick the tires” on a new vehicle any more. They need to know what technology they can access in their vehicle. The internet has become a required tool for car shopping. Once they find a vehicle, then the customers have to learn how to use all of those features.
Car dealerships better start looking for car salesmen from the Geek Squad! [Read more...]

What Do You Know About The StockMarket And Investing ? | Nasdaq

Perhaps this information from a few writers who have observed some aspects of the StockMarket can answer some of your questions about the history of the markets and more …

Are Investment Bubbles Of This Millennium “The New Norm”?

In my previous article, “The Paradigm Shift… That Altered the Odds of Investing,” I discussed the dynamic change over the past 20 years which has and continues to adversely impact every investor. As an investment coach, teacher, and mentor, I’m frequently asked questions regarding this bubble phenomenon: “Is this “The New Norm?” Is this the best we, as investors, can expect looking forward? How will I ever achieve my financial goals and objectives in this market environment?” Here are my short answers to those questions, respectively: “Who knows? Only if you choose. By learning to play a new game.” That is generally when I get the “Are you for real?” scowl while I’m nodding in the affirmative with a smile on my face.
As I address the true significance of these questions, I take my audience on a brief history lesson before I offer suggestions on how investors can shift the odds of successful investing back in their favor.
Someone’s poisoned the water-hole
My history lesson always begins with a picture depicting two distinct investment landscapes over time and provides some valuable insights regarding the past, present, and perhaps future of investing. The picture I refer to is a daily linear chart of the S&P 500 Index from 1960 to December 24, 2013 (link at bottom of article). As one travels along the timeline of this chart, a dramatic change occurred relative to the shape of this index around 1995. The S&P 500 index is not alone as the DJIA and NASDAQ indexes depict a similar pattern, and most recently in global indices as well. I do not proclaim myself to know all there is about technical and fundamental indicators of the markets, but I firmly believe along about 1995, “someone’s poisoned the water-hole” where long-term investors had come for decades to invest, build, and preserve wealth.
Many financial professionals, professors, and pundits will claim this is no “new norm” as markets have historically experienced similar massive run-ups and meltdowns. Perhaps so, but I would argue not with such regularity and almost predictability as the past 20 years have delivered. It’s almost as if the markets are being intentionally manipulated, and if so, by whom and why?
Is this “the new norm”? [Read more...]

Don't Believe a Word of it ! Inventors and Imposters | Internet

Says , the real Internet Inventor .  As the World celebrates the 25th Birthday of the Internet/ Worldwide Web – inventors of the Internet range from soup to nuts ! Some articles date the Internet from 1989 and others from 1967 .  Internet inventors range from Brer Rabbit , Wylie Coyote to Mother Goose or Humpty Dumpty . These are cartoon characters of course and depending on what Internet History you read – it reads like a cartoon with so many different ones taking credit for its invention .

No doubt , the technology field is quite crowded today with billions from around the world using the Internet and different innovations by major players are used to access it .  All kinds of people make it go from search engines , social networks , ecommerce sites , internet service providers , web hosts , web developers and planners , code writers , software and other programmers , chip and component makers and so on .  It’s a huge industry but its humble beginnings started with a retired teacher and entrepreneur – Dorothy M. Hartman .

The Internet of today that has morphed into the WorldWide Web began in March 1990 when Hartman presented the following proposal(s) to the U.S. government through its Small Business Innovation Programs . She alleges that the National Science Foundation stole the ideas and applied them to a failing telecom industry based on the Arpanet that had phased out by 1989 . The NSFNet which essentially was a holding place for the telecom networks while the National Science Foundation sought answers and solutions for saving the networks adopted her ideas in November 1990 as witnessed by a congressional meeting report in April 1992 .

Hartman’s Accessing Accessibility Process which was introduced to the National Science Foundation through the SBIR ( Small Business Innovation Research ) programs-interested the government because the ideas were darn good !  However, she alleges that because of the color of her skin , gender , and a handicap – she alleges that she was discriminated against and is still being discriminated against .  The National Science Foundation used the template of her business proposal , she alleges to revitalize and transform the preexisting Arpanet based telecom structure which was failing.  Following Commercialization , the industry took off resulting in a World Wide Web that today serves billions  .

Others who really had nothing to do with inventing the process or the contributing ideas but are now making billions are doing so because they were already associated with the  industry . Now they had thousands and then millions of people to program for , build computers , mobile phones , retrieve information , etc.   The true inventor , Hartman was left out denied funding and now credit for her own ideas .

Hartman never claimed to have invented the ARPA or the original telecom networks , which are mostly attributed to Vinton Cerf and Robert Kahn who are already recognized for their worthwhile and notable contributions . Nor did she ever claim to have invented computers or mobile phones or any of the components or methods that contribute to billions of people accessing and using the Internet .

She did however invent a better way of using the telecommunications network – one which has made the industry successful .  That is worth recognition and compensation .  Therefore her struggle for justice and truth will continue .  ” It is a sadness for the country that it has allowed racism , oppression , and bad politics to send it racing in the wrong direction . At age 46 , being rich would probably have worked quite nicely – now it’s enough to be comfortable . At my age , my fight is less about money than it is about justice and dignity . Not only for myself but for a nation in which I was born and still it has not gotten itself together on race . It is truly sad.”

There is a name for it – rewriting and changing patent laws because you do not like the color of the inventor ,   theft of intellectual property or proprietary secrets or Racism .  Although she only requested a measly $25,000 – $35,000 when she went to the government with her business ideas , for the usual reasons of racism and oppression she was denied funding.  The National Science Foundation rushed to take credit for the ideas in 1990 and then gave the work and credit to others .  The National Science Foundation through its NSFnet led by Merit Networks formed the ANS consortium which consisted of Merit , IBM , and others . The NSF gave them the job of converting the telecom network(s)to a  COMMERCIALIZED  network and following Hartman’s template of using the computer to set up businesses and consumers online – creating an alternate marketplace in cyberspace where their accessibility would be increased . The Inventor has never been recognized but facts , evidence , and true history say different .

Hartman says this transpiration of events is  what led to the transformation of the Internet or the production of the Information Superhighway where goods , information , and services could be obtained “online”.  From that grew the billions of users that are now online today that have enriched the internet service providers and the other participants that make up the Internet /  Worldwide Web of  today .

Below is a synopsis of that history . It was not the Brer Rabbit , Wylie Coyote , some unknown brit , or Harvard professor or the host of characters and names associated with the so called invention of the Internet and Worldwide Web ( the Internet across borders ).  This  schoolteacher and inventor who continues to be robbed of her rights to recognition and compensation invented this invention which is now celebrating its 25th Birthday . Therefore the fight for both truth and justice about the INTERNET will continue .

Below you will find the history according to this inventor in the  images below showing that the Network(s) were adapted for Commercialization in 1991 , after 1990 began the dramatic increase in the number of users , and by 1993 users were invited to surf the new Internet and learn how to use it .  These changes were brought about by the adoption of Hartman’s ideas to transform the NSFnet into the template introduced by Hartman and for which she has never been acknowledged or credited .  

There is so much money now in the industry because of this transformation which has led into expansion into a WorldWide Web that any one can get on television and say anything as well as have the Internet Giants push such an agenda – but below is the truth .  Thus the fight for justice will continue .

Telecom is Commercialized by NSF in 1991 with Merit Networks taking the lead ..

Telecom is Commercialized by NSF in 1991 with Merit Networks taking the lead ..

Users increase dramatically after 1990 as businesses and consumers go "online".

Users increase dramatically after 1990 as businesses and consumers go “online”.


These changes wrought by Hartman’s introduction of ideas to the federal government of the benefits of commercializing telecom and how it could be done simply by using a computer , modem or phone , dedicated phone lines , and a service provider is what revolutionized telecommunications . These expansive properties  as taught by her proposals to the government is what produced today’s Internet and Worldwide Web . The first 4 or 5 pages of the document below will give you some insight into her description of invention which was proposed as a new business idea :Hartman INTERNET Invention _ 2.doc

Web 25th Birthday - No Kudos for Inventor

A Digital World

A Digital World

Even as the World acknowledges that the INTERNET responsible for the Web 25th birthday is only 25 years old not a word about the origin of this brilliant idea(s) and its Inventor . This is not the same Internet begun in 1967 . Even as the world celebrates the 25th Birthday of the WorldWide Web which is simply the Internet being transmitted all over the world – the word from the U.S. government is still shhh !!! as regards its inventor .  Dorothy M.Hartman ,  alleges that billions of people are able to connect to the Internet because of her ideas which transformed the Internet from the structure that existed before 1990 based on the ARPANET into the seamless integrated structure which exists today . Today’s Internet resulting in the Web 25th Birthday is a structure that can reach all over the world as long as you have the equipment to access it . That equipment is generally a device such as a phone or modem , tablet , or personal computer and a service provider to transmit the data packets .

The Internet has never been so good as it now accommodating billions from all over the world , but its inventor Dorothy M. Hartman who is the mind behind this creation which now consists of vast amounts of cyberspace – used by tech and ecommerce corporations to make billions of dollars has not fared so well . The seamless structure contributed to by the ideas of this inventor which results in waves of cyberspace transmitting different kinds of transactions simultaneously all over the world has not been associated with her at all . The industry which has  grown up around it keeps getting all the credit – however the ideas come from her who has never set foot in Silicon Valley .

The government is keeping mum about it because it has declared itself by default to be the originator of this technology – which began in this country but starting with NAFTA and other international trade agreements has been propagated all over the world . She says that those who were building equipment and writing programs – struggling to innovate from their garages would still be doing so had it not been for the changes which have resulted in an expansiveness that can travel all around the globe . It was not done by just equipment makers and code writers .  Creativity played a huge role in the success of technology and ecommerce . There would be no Web 25th Birthday had it not been for the changes put in place by the ideas on Commercialization put in place by the National Science Foundation using the template submitted by Hartman .

She alleges her contributions are too important to ignore and therefore will continue the fight for recognition and justice . The limited  telecom structure before 1990 which gets Kudos for its originality  and to which  some today still refer to as the Internet was phasing out before the National Science Foundation through its involvement via the NSFnet revived it using Hartman’s ideas so she alleges . Meanwhile she has received no credit and worse says that she has been demonized and her life going backwards . She is still hoping that the Court’s will straighten matters out .   At the very least , she hopes to be compensated for the theft of her ideas as her ideas are certainly felt and used all over the world .

If you are going to rewrite patent laws simply because the people that you wanted did not come up with the ideas , then you should at least have enough integrity to compensate the person for their contributions , says  Hartman . if the government had done that in the first place , acknowledge her work and her contributions – a patent application would have never been necessary . As it is the fight for justice will go on .

Her Patent Application #11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process – the process she alleges ushered in today’s modern Internet is a business method which showed how to meld business to technology in a seamlessly integrated structure built from a network of computers and modems or phones being linked by Internet Service Providers . Adding more communicable devices be it computers , modems or phones can be done using this simple , almost elementary model introduced by Hartman thereby giving the Internet the ability to grown and expand. See Hartman’s figures #1-6 shown in her patent application which can be referenced on the website using the Patent Application #11003123 .

These models give some understanding of how and why the Internet is both flexible and expansive. This creates a virtual cyberspace between the devices in which billions of virtual interactions can occur . Her simplified structures show how the communicable devices can be linked via internet service providers presenting an integrated unit capable of tremendous expansion . This is different from the rather rigid and complex structures that were created in earlier forms of the telecom structure which were based on the Arpanet . Although her invention has circulated trillions of dollars through the economy and has produced more jobs and innovation than any other invention in history – she alleges that the federal government is still disrespecting her and her contributions by violating her constitutional rights . You will find the Patent Office’s argument for denying a patent listed in the opinion of the Federal Circuit of Appeals opinion found here

Mobile Media Tablets - Sony Xperia , Nokia , Nexus

For some of the latest trends in mobile media view the new looks of the Xperia tablets with Sony‘s technology and the newest looks to Nokia , and others . Mobile media connects the world and keeps an on the go public in tune with aspects of what is happening both locally and internationally . Many mobile media summits are occurring , making those who attend aware of what the latest headlines and innovations are in mobile media .

See the Microsoft tablet , it’s replacement for the Personal Computer or PC . The world of Mobile Media continues to expand . Stay in touch with this Blog for a comprehensive report and review of what is happening in the worlds of technology ancommerce .d e

Other Inventions by African Americans . " We Did It - They Hid it " | patent

In keeping with themes for Black History Month , this Blog is sharing information regarding inventions by African Americans . Inventions that have been credited to others or gone unnoticed . Some of them were patented by the inventor. If the Patent Number is listed , it will be the number in the last column .

Corporations are not the only ones with patents . It has just been made easier for corporations to get patents because this administration signed the Smith- Leahy Act in 2011 changing the requirements for patents from FIRST TO INVENT to FIRST TO FILE . This favors corporations as patenting is now a very expensive process and a high stakes game . Not like the patents of yesterday which truly favored innovation from individual inventors and small businesses – today’s patent goes to those that can afford them .

Hartman , self proclaimed inventor of the modern day Internet says that the administration came up with the Smith -Leahy Act to prevent awarding her the patent for her invention because of its huge success. The INTERNET is not only the greatest invention of the 20th -21st Century , it is also the largest . How can a Patent be awarded to a Black woman for that ?

The United States Patent and Trademark Office actually held her patent application submitted in 2004 hostage for eight years while the government strove to come up with a way to deny her application . It tried changing patent law 5 or 6 times during those 8 years to prevent awarding of the patent – a patent that Hartman says is based on TRANSFORMATION of the Internet not building the telecom networks . “Those inventors have already been named and awarded and are smiling all the way to the bank” , says Hartman whose contributions she alleges made the telecom networks successful  . While she continues to suffer because of her skin color and oppression . She will continue to fight for justice . Even if not granted a patent , she most assuredly should be recognized and compensated for her contributions as without them – she alleges that the Internet as we know it would not exist nor the billions of jobs that exist because of it .

This list of other African American Inventors who have contributed ideas and inventions that have enriched our lives – most of whom we know nothing is compiled by Atty. Michael Coord who is both a student and researcher of African History . This compilation emphasizes what an integral part African Americans play in many of the conveniences that are now taken for granted and their contributions to a successful society . A society which grows less prolific because of its continued backward thinking and destructive hold to racial and ethnic policies . These policies prevent the advancement of colored people with only the most begrudging of allowance for rights to minorities .

Below is a downloadable PDF file . Some of these inventions you may already be familiar with ; others will probably surprise even shock you .

We Did It They Hid It





Air Conditioner Unit Design                               Frederick Jones     4/28/42     D132,182


Art Museum Design (Philadelphia)                    Julian Abele          4/29/1881 Born

Abele (pronounced “able”) was the Chief Designer at the prestigious Horace Trumbauer and Associates architectural firm from 1938-50.  He attended the Institute for Colored Youth, which has since been transformed into CheyneyUniversity, and in 1904 was the first African to graduate from the University of Pennsylvania School of Architecture.  (Refer below to the section captioned “Library.”)


Baby Carriage- Safety Leveler                          William Richardson  6/18/1889  405,599

This essential invention ended the constant and serious problem of babies falling out of carriages, most of which were inherently defective because they were built without a leveler to keep the carriage safely balanced.


Bicycle Frame- Folding/Separating Version      Isaac Johnson       10/10/1899   634,823


Blimp (Air Ship)- Modern Version                     John Pickering      2/20/1900    643,975

This blimp (i.e., air ship) was the first to be powered by an electric motor and to have directional controls.


Blood Bank                                                         Dr. Charles Drew      1940


Bridge Safety Gate                                             Humphrey Reynolds 10/7/1890  437,937


Chair- Folding       John Purdy                6/11/1889 405,117

& Daniel Sadgwar


Clock (Refer Below To Watch)                          Benjamin Banneker                  2/6/1753


Clothes Drier- Modern Forerunner                   George Sampson      6/7/1892    476,416


Curtain Rod                    Samuel Scottron       8/30/1892  481,720


Dry Cleaning Process                    Thomas Jennings      3/3/1821    3306X

Jennings is the first African to receive a U.S. patent.  After earning money from his patent, he used those funds to buy his enslaved family’s freedom and to support the abolition movement.  Also, in 1831, he served as the Assistant Secretary for the First Annual Convention of The People of Color (which, by the way, was held in Philadelphia).





Elevator- Automatic Electric Shaft Closing      Alexander Miles    10/11/1887  371,207

This invention has saved hundreds of thousands of lives by drastically improving upon pre-existing and quite dangerous ascending/descending contraptions.  Those contraptions (i.e., primitive elevators), when stopped on a floor other than that desired by a passenger, required that passenger to manually shut a door to cut off access to the shaft, which often caused that passenger to fall into that deep shaft.


Fire Escape- Portable                                          Daniel McCree      11/11/1890  440,322


Fire Extinguisher Improvement         Thomas Martin      3/26/1872   125,063


Firemen’s Mobile Ladder         Joseph Winter        5/7/1878     203,517


Gas Mask                                                               Garrett Morgan      10/13/14 1,113,675


Golf Tee         Dr. George Grant  12/12/1899  638,920

Prior to this invention by Dr. Grant (who, by the way, graduated from and later taught at Harvard Dental School), golfers had to use their hands to make a mound of sand and then place the ball on top of that mound.  Despite his innovative genius that greatly benefited golfers worldwide, he was barred- and still would be barred- from many country clubs because of his race.


Heart (Open Heart) Surgery         Dr. Daniel Hale Williams        7/9/1893

Dr. Williams performed this miraculous feat by removing a knife from the heart of a stabbing victim, after which he sutured the wound and the patient recovered.  He also founded the ProvidentHospital and MedicalCenter in Chicago, IL, which is the oldest free standing Black-owned hospital in the country.


Heating Furnace- Ventilation System                 Alice Parker         12/19/19    1,325,905

This invention provided a mechanism for routing heat to various rooms throughout a building.


Ice Cream- Method and Recipes         Augustus Jackson                           1832

Jackson, a Philadelphian and a former White House chef, uniquely used ice mixed with salt to lower and control the temperature of his special mix of ingredients, which proved to be a major breakthrough in the creation of ice cream as we know it today.  He also created various ice cream flavors.  However, he never applied for a patent.


Ice Cream Scooper- Spring Loaded      Alfred Cralle            2/2/1897      576,395


Ironing Board- Improvement      Sarah Boone             4/26/1892    473,653

This invention, which was a narrowed, curved, and reversible appliance, made it possible for the first time in history to easily and efficiently press and crease parts of clothing like sleeves and types of clothing like uniquely tailored women’s garments.


Lawn Mower- Improved, Rotary Blade          John Burr                  5/9/1899     624,749

Lawn Sprinkler- Swiveling                              Joseph Smith             5/4/1897     581,785


Library Design (Free Library- Phila.)       Julian Abele               4/21/1881   Born

Refer above to the section captioned “Art Museum.”


Light Bulb- Electric Lamp Improvement       Lewis Latimer            9/13/1881  247,097

Latimer, the son of parents who had escaped slavery, was an inventor, draftsman, engineer, and scientist, as well as an author, poet, musician, and philanthropist.  It is a little known fact that he was the person who actually drew the blueprints for Alexander Graham Bell’s telephone in 1878.  Three years later, in 1881, he and assistant Joseph Nichols were the first persons to receive a patent for the direct forerunner to today’s commonly used light bulb.  Prior to this, the electric lamp by Thomas Edison and others had no real practical use because it could not emit light for an extended period.  But the new light bulb by Latimer (with assistant Nichols) used a revolutionary method of manufacturing carbon filaments that produced light for effectively extended periods.  It was because of this ingenious invention that Latimer was asked by numerous countries, states, and cities- including Philadelphia- to write an instruction manual (which he did in 1890) and to supervise the installation of incandescent light plants.  In addition, it is quite interesting that he was the original draftsman for Edison (inventor of the 1879 temporary electric lamp) who relied on Latimer as the expert witness in Edison’s patent infringement suit.


Lock- Modern     Washington Martin    7/23/1889   407,738

The innovative lock invented by Martin is precisely what made today’s locks possible.  It creatively included a cylinder and spiral spring coiled around a metal pin, thereby frustrating thieves and burglars throughout the country.


Mail Box                  Phillip Downing       10/27/1891  462,093

This invention is also known as a letter box and a letter drop.


Overnight Delivery Computerized Tracking   Folarin Sosan                                   1997

Sosan, through his Package Park (Maita) company, made it possible for overnight and next day package delivery providers such as Federal Express, United Parcel Service, and the U.S. Postal Service (as well as other major and small businesses) to have all of their deliveries immediately and accurately tracked by computer.


Pants- Modern Suspenders        Archia Ross           11/28/1899   638,068

These suspenders, called “trouser supports and stretchers,” included practical and stylish features such as metal clasps.


Pencil Sharpener        John Love              11/23/1897   594,114


(The) “Real McCoy”                    Elijah McCoy          4/2/1843     Born

The term “The Real McCoy” is used to describe anything that is of excellent quality. People began using that term about 130 years ago in honor of one of the most talented and skillful inventors in American history, a man with more than 50 patents beginning in 1872.  (Although his year of birth is often listed as 1843, it might be 1844.  The exact year is unknown because his records, like the records of most Africans during that period, were often inaccurate because of the indifference of slave-holding and other racist whites.)


Refrigeration Transport System                        Frederick Jones      7/12/49     2,303,857

Although he patented it in 1949, he actually invented it in 1935.


Security System- Home        Marie Brown          12/2/69     3,482,037

This home protection system was the first to include television and video surveillance.


Statue of Liberty- A Black Female                             1875

French historian Edourd de Laboulaye, who was the chairman of the French Anti-Slavery Society, proposed to the French government that the people of France present to the people of United States, through the American Abolitionist Society, the gift of a Statue of Liberty (with construction beginning in 1875) in recognition of the abolition of American slavery and also therefore obviously in recognition of the major role played by the approximately 150,000 Black soldiers who helped abolish slavery by winning the Civil War. When the statue, sculpted by de Laboulaye’s close friend and fellow French Anti-Slavery Society member Frederic Auguste Bartholdi, was presented in 1884 to a U.S. official, its color was black and it had broken chains at the feet and left hand of the female-modeled sculpture. Later, the hand chain was removed. It must be noted that the original design of this statue was for a lighthouse project in Egypt (meaning Kemet) and it featured an Egyptian (meaning Kemetic) female with broken chains of slavery at her feet.


Thermostat and Temperature Control System   Frederick Jones     2/23/60   2,926,005


Toilet- Modern Bathroom Features           Thomas Elkins      1/9/1872    122,518

This invention, which was called a “chamber commode,” featured all of today’s creature comforts such as a toilet stool, wash stand, mirror, bureau, and book rack.


Traffic Signal                                  Garrett Morgan     11/20/23  1,475,024

After he saw a crash between a car and a horse-drawn carriage, Morgan decided that is was absolutely essential for him to invent some type of traffic safety device.  As a result, he was the first person to apply for and receive a patent for an inexpensive “hand-cranked semaphore traffic management” mechanism that would control vehicular and pedestrian traffic, thereby protecting humans from injury and even death and protecting cars from damage.  This led directly to today’s red, yellow, and green light signals. General Electric bought his patent for $40,000 and in 1963 the U.S. government awarded Morgan a citation for his invention that has saved millions of lives and body parts and has avoided billions in property damage.  (He also had this invention patented in Britain and Canada.)



Trolley- Electric Railway        Elbert Robinson       9/19/1893  505,370

Robinson creatively used electricity in overhead wires to propel passenger-carrying vehicles.


Typewriter- Improvement         Lee Burridge           4/7/1885    315,366

& Newman Marshman

Unlike previous bulky and exclusively upper case “letter-writing machines” that were described as a cross between “a small piano and a kitchen table” and that blocked the user from being able to see what he was typing as he was typing, the novel invention by Burridge and Marshman was quite practical.  It printed both upper and lower case letters, was a much smaller device, and allowed the user to see what he was typing as he was typing.  Also, it required fewer parts and movements to operate and allowed for the use of any paper length.


Watch-U.S. (Refer Above To Clock)          Benjamin Banneker                2/6/1753

Benjamin’s grandmother (who was an English indentured servant) married an indigenous African whose name was “Banna Ka.”  Later, white people began calling him “Bannaky” and thereafter started spelling his name “Banneker.”  Benjamin’s invention was not really a clock but instead was an ingenious wooden pocket watch.  In addition to his status as an inventor, municipal surveyor, almanac author, mathematician, scientist, mechanical engineer, and astronomer, he also was a vocal anti-abolitionist who on August 19, 1791 petitioned slaveholder Thomas Jefferson to end the “absurd and false ideas” of white supremacy.


Wrench- Updated            Jack Johnson        4/18/22   1,413,121

This is the very same Jack Johnson who became the world’s first Black heavyweight champ by winning “The Heavyweight Championship of The World” in 1908 and who had won “The Colored Heavyweight Championship of The World” in 1903.  His updated wrench was a tool designed specifically to tighten or loosen fastening devices.  This wrench was important not only because of its practical use and not only because of the person who conceived it, but also because it was invented while he was in Leavenworth Prison on trumped up racist charges involving a 1912 alleged violation of the Mann Act stemming from his out-of-state trips with his white girlfriend.  (The Mann Act made it illegal to cross state lines to engage in “immoral activity” with white women.)  It should be noted that in addition to his wrench invention, Johnson also received a patent (number 1,438,709) for a car theft protection device on December 12, 1922.


Wheelchair- Stair Climbing            Rufus Weaver     11/19/68  3,411,598

Other Inventions by African Americans.WE DID IT- THEY HID IT.doc

Hats Off To Google For Black History Image !

Celebrating Harriet Tubman

Celebrating Harriet Tubman

“Hats Off to Google for their ad celebrating Black History Month “, says Hartman . ” I love this image even more than the one with the little ole lady cranking out the birthdays as the computer generation rolls on …   Harriet Tubman is a hero to African – Americans – indeed to the world as diversity has enriched this nation . She and so many others deserve to be celebrated in honor of Black History .”

Hartman , CEO of the ABFY SELLERS GROUP and self proclaimed Internet Inventor continues her struggle for justice as she alleges that her ideas were stolen by the government to transform the Internet into the successful structure that it is today .  The structure now extends all over the globe .  The government has assigned the credit to itself and  and  those who were already in the technology industry –  allowing corporations to grow and prosper while oppressing and exploiting her . The  government has not yet righted this horrific wrong and she is fighting for justice .  She will continue to fight the racism and injustice which prevents her from being recognized and compensated for her achievements which she allege have enriched the  economy and changed the world .  Through Black History Month the world has the opportunity to view  the achievements of Blacks .  It can  appreciate and perhaps empathize with the terrific struggles that Blacks have had to overcome in the four hundred years of emerging from slavery . Black History should be a necessary part of the school curriculum because contributions by Blacks have and continue to be a necessary part of this country’s foundation .

“If I am able to demonstrate one half the character and strength of Ms. Tubman – I will count myself as honored and blessed . And as far as the Internet goes , this is not yesterday’s Internet and it is so because of my contributions- which are too important to ignore . I will continue to fight for the recognition that I deserve . It is sad to think that two hundred years after Harriet Tubman’s acts of bravery that so many of the fetters and chains that held people captive are still being practiced but today through Jim Crow politics and unjustice .  As long as the nation and corporations like Google honor Black History Month , that is a good thing. However more needs to be done . ” Below is a picture of the Internet before 1990 and as you may surmise , it’s structure would not allow the billions of users that access the Internet today .  The flexibility in the Internet and the fact that it has gone from one website to billions is the result of  changes brought about by Hartman’s ideas on Commercialization. Her contributions are by no means insignificant . Her contributions changed the world .

1987 Internet

1987 Internet

Support For African-American Female Inventors ? | economy

Technology built the Internet but Creativity gave it and the economy life ..... D.M. Hartman

Technology built the Internet but Creativity gave it life …..
D.M. Hartman

After this inventor’s contributions to the INTERNET and the economy had been suppressed for the past 23 years and her patent application regarding the transformation of the Telecom Networks had been illegally withheld by the Patent Office for 8 years – what did this administration do ? It passed the Smith – Leahy Act in 2011 to change the preexisting Patent Laws from FIRST TO INVENT which favored small businesses and independent inventors like Hartman to FIRST TO FILE which favored corporations .

Rhetoric and fiery speeches are nice , but who actually lays it on the line when it comes to righting powerful wrongs done to Blacks ? Ms. Hartman’s ideas for putting jobs into the economy with her ideas on melding commerce with technology presented to the Federal Government created millions of jobs for this economy . However she received no contracts , no compensation , not even a brownie point has been given as this administration gives credit to others for her contributions .

What makes people think that you can run an economy indeed a nation on injustice , hypocrisy , and empty promises ? Welcome to a blog which gives a different perspective on the history and evolution of the Internet . Ms Hartman is a senior now but was full of energy and promise when she presented her ideas on helping the economy to the government at the age of 46 . She alleges that from those ideas developed ecommerce and the Internet that feeds technology today which tremendously grew the economy . The world has moved on . It remains to be proven that movement is in a good direction as thus far , a lot goes lacking – especially in the economy .

Maybe it is time to bring real intellect back into the picture . At one time , the U.S. valued its scientists , teachers , doctors , engineers , manufacturers , and indeed ministers . People who understand how to protect the environment ; who understand the economy ; who understand how to get products manufactured and export to other nations ; indeed who know how to put the QUALITY back into the formula of U.S. life. Where are the real brains ? I do not just mean rocket scientists or where the next radiation guzzling gadget comes from . In the 60′s – 80′s we had the Baby Boomers who were the conscience and life blood of the Nation and what a country was built by their involvement.

Right up until reagonomics and the Grinch that stole Christmas and everything else after the 80′s and especially the 90′s – ” helped on by the Internet , Hartman reminisces sadly .” Although she helped contribute to the greatest invention of the 20th and 21st Century , she says that she gets treated like the ‘”crazy aunt in the attic Although I suffer only from a functional nervous disorder with complications but am still being disrespected and exploited as oppression , discrimination , and greed needs very little to hang its hat on .”

We need people like the Baby Boomers to come from the Milennials and the younger generations – to be on the ball and to care about the quality of life , get involved and stop being apathetic. The nation can recover but it will take choosing leaders that are thorough and dedicated to principles and integrity .

Hartman’s Writ of Certiorari Petition to the Supreme Court to reopen her case in the Federal Circuit Court of Appeals against the Patent Office was denied in its November 18 , 2013 decision . She hopes to try again for Justice . Federal Circuit of Appeals opinion found here

Lil Ole Lady behind the 'Net Computers ??

Google's Most Excellent Image

Google‘s Most Excellent Image

“Little old lady behind some computers or one big computer cranking out the birthdays .I love this image by Google which I have dubbed Googles Most Excellent Image” , says Hartman .” This is how I feel , like the little old lady behind the success of technology and ecommerce who remains unrecognized and unpaid . My ideas on commercializing telecommunications and changing the structure of the Internet to accomodate businesses and consumers online are what changed the INTERNET into the wave of CYBERSPACE which creates the wild carpet ride that enables ecommerce and technology to aim for the stars .”

The flexibility and expansion in today’s Internet which stretches practically into every corner of the world came about because of a structural change in the way the telecom works . Some imagine that it is impossible for a science teacher to visualize and conceive changes to a structure that was built by technology . However it is possible and it has happened according to this inventor .

The Supreme Court recently denied a Petition for Writ of Certiorari which would have reopened the Appeals Court decision not to rehear Hartman’s case against the United States Patent and Trademark Office . Hartman says she is still hoping for some just recognition and compensation from the government as she says that her contributions were not insignificant but are what has made the difference between the industry just existing and becoming a success after 1990 .

Hartman Accessing Accessibility Process Figure 5

Accessing Accessibility Process
Figure 5

Her ideas on commercializing the industry by writing the design of having a network of computers linked to each other through businesses , consumers ,and their interactive websites is what opened the industry up allowing billions of users .

It is primarily the number of users and not just technology alone that has made the Internet a success and the ‘ billions of users ‘ part, she alleges comes from her . She did not have to learn how to write code or set foot in Silicon Valley to present these ideas .

She has had some criticism of late of how her articles are self – serving and arrogant that she should show other things about her skills and qualifications . She says ,” Sorry about that . I have been ripped off for 23 years and am a senior now . I do not have time to soft pedal what I know to be true . However , in the future I will share more on my blog . Meanwhile I will present as much of the technical side that I can in order for people to understand my claims . ”

Below are some diagrams from her Patent Application #11003123 , the Accessing Accessibility Process – the process she alleges ushered in today’s modern Internet. The drawings are not done to scale but they show how a seamlessly integrated structure that can be built from a network of computers and modems or phones being linked by Internet Service Providers . Adding more communicable devices be it computers , modems or phones can be done using this simple , almost elementary model introduced by Hartman . This creates a virtual cyberspace between the devices in which billions of virtual interactions can occur . This simplified structure presents an integrated unit capable of growth and expansion . This is different from the rather rigid and complex structures that were created in earlier forms of the telecom structure which were based on the Arpanet .

Hartman Accessing Accessibilty Process Figure 6

Accessing Accessibilty Process
Figure 6

Petition for Writ Of Certiorari Denied by Supreme Court to Black Internet Inventor

History will have to judge whether or not Hartman is the inventor of the Internet after 1990 as she alleges as Court has denied Petition to the Black Inventor . She alleges that she invented today’s modern day Internet which made its debut around 1993 . See instructions in the image below of Merit Networks teaching users ‘ how to surf the new internet. ‘ The Internet had been restructured and was new as a result of Commercialization.



Hartman asserts that her ideas were the catalysts for the change . image-5. It was Hartman’s ideas on Commercializing Telecommunications and making a network of computers and phones for online businesses that changed the industry in the 1990′s making it a success .Click on documents to see their dates of publication ( 1990s ) . The very next document shows the effect that Commercialization ( ideas put forth by Hartman ) showed on the spurt in numbers of users – indicated by the amount of data packets being generated – and the growth of the Internet . Of course we know that growth has spread all around the world and is called the Worldwide Web . This did not occur as a result of the prior state of telecom which was an internet or “internetting projects” which were based on the ARPANET model and could not accomodate the growth . The evidence clearly shows that Hartman’s contributions made a difference which is still being felt today as billions can now plug into the Internet .

As quietly and anonymously as the government took her ideas in 1990 and made them their own [ You can view the proposals that she submitted to the government right here on this website - scroll down to various topics under Hot News ] so the Supreme Court as quietly and almost as anonymously disposed of whatever rights she alleges that she had left in its Order published November 18 , to Deny Petition for Writ of Certiorari .

Hartman petitioned the Supreme Court for a Writ of Certiorari to challenge or reopen the Decision by the United States Circuit Court of Appeals , the decision entered in March 2013 . A downloadable PDF of that decision is here 13-1070.opinion.3-6-2013.1 . Also now that the High Court has published its Order as of November 18 , 2013 , Hartman’s Brief to the Supreme Court asking for a reopening of that decision will be published here on her Blog soon . She alleges that there was malfeasance in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and that her Constitutional Rights were violated in the refusal to grant a patent . Hartman alleges that using “indefiniteness” as an excuse not to award the patent is simply a code term for the fact that the Internet has grown and continues to grow . Hartman’s Brief to the Supreme Court for Petition for Writ of Certiorari gives her side of the story and will give you some insight into the issues involved . Among her questions to the Court which has denied her petition , is the question ” Should the size of an invention be used to deter the awarding of patents , especially if the intellectual property has been held for a period of 23 years ? ”

That should not preclude her as being named its inventor or being awarded or compensated for the dramatic effect that her invention has had on the economy or the way the world does business . This way the government does not have to acknowledge her , pay her , or declare Eminent Domain for the Internet if its regulatory taking of the property through the Patent Office were the taking supposedly for the Public Good. In which case ,it would


“Any old excuse will do when it comes to meting out Injustice to African- Americans , sadly it is routinely expected and especially in a case of this magnitude” says Hartman . The handwriting was on the wall so to speak that the case would not be taken seriously as her Blogs were continually kept offline to reduce the word getting out ; the topic was blacked out in the mainstream media ; and the Solicitor General for the United States did not even bother to file a Reply Brief for the case . She will continue to share her experiences and documents as she says she is not up to writing a book just now and let history and the world decide who invented the INTERNET . The government has grown powerful and corporations have become rich but apparently there will be no justice or compensation to the inventor . Facts still show that the government received the ideas , and apparently used them to great success ! Visit her Blogs here and at for more about the history and background of this case .

” For those who see themselves as mini gods who use , exploit , and oppress people of color denying Justice – I hope there is a true God who will let Justice rain down .”


Internet - Inventor at age 44 , 2 years before invention in 1990 .
Speaking frankly , you are enjoying the benefits of being online because of the vision and contributions of this woman . The desktops , laptops, tablets , and smartphones allow you to access the INTERNET but the presence of the INTERNET itself is contributed to by this inventor .Review her latest publications at the links below :

Ms. Hartman has never tried to downplay the greatness or ingenuity of the technology geniuses that built the telecommunications network . However those in the telecom industry and the government continue to dismiss the role that she played in the success of the industry . Her ideas which were stolen by the government she alleges were used to build and expand the preexisting network into the greatness that it is today in terms of the INTERNET and the WORLDWIDE WEB. Before Hartman’s ideas the telecom network had limited uses and basically was shared within academic communities , and to some degree military , financial , and medical fields . Its usage was underutilized. It was a communications network which used the computer and emails , but within closed and limited communities . Commerce for the most part was prohibited and the computer was still predominantly used for document storage and calculations.

As simple as the lightbulb and “turning it on” as it has become one of the world’s greatest inventions – so was the use of Hartman’s ideas which when researched and developed by the National Science Foundation transformed the state of the prior network to the huge success which is now commonly called the INTERNET . Although the ideas Ms. Hartman gave to the government which she alleges were consficated and credit assigned to others – were used to build the INTERNET she has never received recognition or compensation for her invention . It is an invention and patents can be and should be awarded for transformation . Size and success should not be a stumbling block or a reason to deny an inventor her just due .

Hartman alleges that she does not have to build smartphones or be one of the original designers of early Telecom development to be the inventor of the INTERNET . Today’s INTERNET was developed 30 years after the founding of the telecom network(s). Inventions can be based on TRANSFORMATION -that is transforming something from one state of being to another state of being . Her invention is based on TRANSFORMATION . What her invention did was result in a highly successful transformation from a prior telecom network to the present day INTERNET . Hartman who introduced her ideas in writings pertaining to a business method which she calls the Accessing Accessibility Process or Method says that although her ideas transformed into an invention that is now being used all over the world by billions of people that she has not been credited or compensated for her contributions and the government still denies access to her of her own intellectual property while giving credit and opportunities to prosper to others. Her ideas about the Commercialization of the Telecom industry by using the computer to transact business online is what grew the INTERNET and changed the industry. She did not invent what some refer to as the original internet , but she did invent a better Internet . One which has essentially morphed into the WorldWide Web .

Digital World

Digital World

Hartman says that you should care because in all of her writings and other inventions and contributions – some of which are referenced in links below that her interests have always been in helping people . She feels strongly that she has been abominably treated by a country which has enriched itself from her contributions but when it comes to dealing with her as a human being has been sadly remiss .

The undeniable fact of institutionalized racism even at a time that we finally see an African-American president is still such a cancerous sore and is still eroding at the fabric of this nation . The ones who produce the technology are rich not just because they were clever enough to build a gadget that makes it easier or faster for you to access the internet and for which you pay good money- but also because they can sell their smartphones , tablets , laptops , etc. to billions of people . Hartman is responsible for that part of it . The use of the Accessing Accessibility Method is what produces the billions of people to sell to for the tech companies and online marketers. The corporations that have gotten rich because of the INTERNET whereas before 1990 – that would have been impossible . These corporations and individuals should be at the head of the line to make sure she gets compensated instead of lobbying against it .

You should care because Hartman showed in her proposals which led to the invention that she cared about other people and businesses , not just herself . Your access to the INTERNET will not change if there is Justice for her in the Court . The INTERNET was designed to be used by people and businesses online . Hartman , when she wrote the proposals was writing them so that her start-up business – Talk Shoppe Inc. would prosper as well as other businesses . She never wrote the proposals for herself alone . They were supposed to be for the benefit of the nation , to build jobs and increase revenue in the economy . They were not meant for the benefit of others while her civil rights are violated .

She never intended that she would be left out – never given the opportunity to prosper from her own ingenuity and work. To be discarded and robbed of her legacy because of the color of her skin and the fact that she is disadvantaged and poor is an outrage ! The government stole her ideas and now because of the success of the INTERNET and its use by the powerful and the billionaires that have gotten rich from it – the government continues to use its might and influence to keep her from her just due . The irony is overwhelming . Had she been a different skin color , ethnicity , or gender perhaps such a major injustice and tragedy like this would never occur . Watch your complacency in thinking that you are better off with things being the way they are ! What is done to the least of us is done to us all . Especially in these circumstances where a downward economy affects everyone .

You should care because the same people who are denying her rights and compensation due her are also the same ones who have set the country on a downward spiral into economic collapse . Your access to the INTERNET will not change but your future and the future of your children could very well change with the proper distribution of IP rights . The government will always govern – that’s its purpose but this is still a democracy . Should compensation be paid by those who have prospered? Hartman says , “I think so. That is the way it has always been done . That is what inventions are about .” The fact that her invention is a phenomenal success and thus the color of her skin should be determining factors for denying her what is rightfully hers is anti-American and unconstitutional. Why should the rules be changed now ?

“The color of my skin or my gender should not change the rules of the game . Therein lies the problem. Skin color , ethnicity , gender – they do matter . But should they ? The misery which the world is now experiencing says they should not . I care about the country – I care about people and my writings will show you that I knew what I was talking about when I wrote the Accessing Accessibility Method . It has indeed become the success that I said it would and as great that I said it would be . If I understood the dynamics of how it worked and would work and conveyed that idea to the government which then put it into practice – why then would I not know how to put other measures in place to help the economy if given the opportunity to do so ?”

Hartman says that If you measure this inventor by riches – then she has no worth because she claims the oppressors have done everything to insure that she is kept too poor to fight back while they have a plethora of lawyers on their side . However if you look at what her contributions are to this world including her ideas for the internet , child safety furniture , methods for scrubbing greenhouse gases , stove safety features , airplane landing pad – then her worth is huge ! She wants the opportunity to enjoy her legacy and to perhaps bask in some of the glory . Being paid some money would not hurt either , especially since her ideas have made billions for the country . A broken heart , no pay and disrespect from a nation which owes her more – she does not deserve .

The photograph shows the author/inventor at age 44 , two years before inventing the INTERNET . She is now a senior but says that if her rights are restored in time – she feels that she can still help this nation to recover .” I want the Internet Giants to succeed . They are the ones who put the Internet on the map and deserve to succeed . However my vision and creativity gave it form, should I succeed any less ? ”

Hartman says,” If you feel that the policies and ideas put forth for the past 20 or 30 years by the movers and shakers in this nation which has brought it to the brink of disaster – is the right course- then keep being apathetic and believing that the true inventor of the INTERNET should continue to be ignored and denied justice . If you feel that someone who understands the dynamics of the economy and can make a difference by having rights to her own intellectual property – then you should care and become an advocate .”

Her biggest regret besides trusting other people with her intellectual property – although she feels as though she did not have much of a choice since she did not have the means to market or develop herself- is that she remained silent for these 20 years trusting that the government would do the right thing by her . She is grateful that the Supreme Court will be reviewing her case against the Patent and Trademark Office and that there is still a U.S. Constitution. There must be some reason why God gave the ideas to her and not to them . Her solutions will help the entire economy , 99% and 1% – not just a privileged few. That is why you should care . Get involved . Get to know her readings and her . Revisit her blog for more articles on JUSTICE WATCH but also diverse articles about other topics in the industry and the Internet .


Independence Hall

Independence Hall

After 23 years of seeking justice for what I allege are my contributions to the development of the modern day Internet , I became over anxious about the Supreme Court‘s actions .

I owe the Court and the public an apology . Acting as my own counsel – which is not always the greatest way – I misinterpreted the Conference to be held on September 30 , 2013 by the Supreme Court as the actual date of review of the case , Dorothy M. Hartman vs. The United States Patent and Trademark Office . This is not the case as I have just been advised after speaking to a Clerk of the Court about another matter . This misinterpretation is totally my error and lack of legal experience . I have since been advised that the Conference is not a Review of the case but it is the Conference where the Court will meet to decide whether or not it will Review my case against the United States Patent and Trademark Office . Therefore , I will not know until at least September 30 , 2013 or later as I was instructed by the Clerk by October 7 , 2013 as to whether or not the case will even be considered by the Court.

Again I apologize . I thus retract my Press Releases and articles regarding the Review as this case as the matter of whether or not the Court will even take up the case has not been decided .

Dorothy M. Hartman

Media Contact :

Internet Inventor Publishes 3rd Proposal To Government

The Internet Inventor publishes the last of the 3 proposals that she submitted to the Federal Government in 1990-1991 , this one to the Innovation Awards Program . Click link above. These proposals discussed the concepts of putting transactions for services , goods , and data online and and making these services accessible to the average consumer . The proposals discuss how new jobs and titles could be created and how this accessibility of businesses and consumers to each other would affect commerce and the economy. This inventor claims that this and similar proposals the other two found at this link on this website http://Black Inventor Releases Internet Proposals 1 and 2 ideas submitted to the Federal Government that formed the catalyst for Commercialization of the industry and the resultant transformation that has become today’s INTERNET which is a huge and powerful medium of exchange .

These proposals discussed the importance of businesses and consumers being made ‘more accessible’ to each other . This was accomplished online and gave the computer an increasingly more important role than it had been given in the past . Although messaging and emailing had started to become an important part of the telecommunications package – it uses were still very limited in the late 1980′s because the use of this wonderful technology was still primarily limited to the elite in the academic community . Accessing Accessibility , which is what Hartman entitled her business method which brought technology and commerce together was introduced by this inventor and is responsible for the growth of Ecommerce and the Internet today. It’s use by the National Science Foundation which provided the template and funding to change the structure and function of the prior art in telecom is what revolutionized the industry producing a trillion dollar industry which has it own stock market , the Nasdaq .

Through the tremendous growth of technology , social media , and all of the accessory businesses and offshoots have produced a Telecommunications industry rivaled only by the Energy Industry . Yet this humble inventor has never been funded , paid , or publicly acknowledged . ” The country basically runs on my ideas and I am struggling . I want payment and compensation . It is nothing less than I deserve . My ideas revitalized the entire economy and are still responsible for bringing trillions of dollars into the American economy . My proprietary information and intellectual property were stolen right from under me with no support or funding to start my own business or hire employees. This while “brainiacs” which were building their tech gadgets and writing code out of their apartments and garages finally got a chance to become millionaires and billionaires because of my ideas which brought billions of consumers for them to sell their computers , phones, and code writing skills to ” , says Hartman.

It’s long past the time that the government should compensate this inventor without whose ideas the country would still be sitting in the 1989 recession or worse. According to the 14th amendment , when the government takes your property including intellectual property , eminent domain should be declared and the author or inventor should receive appropriate compensation . The 13th amendment also made slavery illegal . Blacks are supposed to have full citizenship rights , although somehow that message never seems to get fully through .

The Inventor submitted her proposals to three government organizations : Small Business Administration (SBA) , Benjamin Franklin Technology Center (BFTC ) and the Pa. Dept. of Commerce (Pa.DOC) – all of which feed their SBIR and STTR programs into the National Science Foundation . “It is beyond time for the government to undo the wrong done to me . I feel used and exploited and I do not deserve that , says Hartman. Talk Shoppe Inc. was a prototype company which was to be a liason and a catalyst between the consumer and websites yet to be developed as only about 2% of the population owned computers at the time . However the government saw the value in the proposals and engaged businesses and consumers directly . What the government did basically was use the ideas to revamp an already existent telecom structure and involve consumers directly by increasing computer and phone sales and service providers. As you can see from the document below , the modern day INTERNET as we know it was new and introduced around 1993 .


This change or transformation occurred after the application of Hartman’s ideas by the National Science Foundation to a flailing telecom system in 1990 . See document on Commercialization in 1990 . ” I am hoping for a just resolution through the Supreme Court ” ,says Hartman .



A copy of the 3rd and final proposal submitted to the government discussing commercializing telecommunications is attached .
Click here for inventor’s proposal :

Internet Enormous Invention ; Enormous Losses To Inventor | intellectual property

Infant Basket

Infant Basket

Other intellectual property by Hartman who claims to be the inventor of today’s Internet include the Infant Basket , first introduced in 1998 as the Infant Swaddling Basket because it introduced the idea of placing infants on a concave surface to prevent accidental rollovers which were believed to increase deaths from Sudden Infant Death Syndrome or SIDS . Her ideas have been widely adopted and manufactured by others throughout the industry . Although protected by a patent , ” the furthest I ever got was manufacture of the prototype .” Inventing is enormously expensive when you lack funding and support . Others steal your intellectual property without compensating you . The good part is the ideas continue to help the survival of young infants .”

Following are more representations of the concept and prototype and images as presented to industry by America Invents – her representative at the time . “The fact that the government stole my intellectual property regarding the Internet from me in 1990 without paying me or giving me the opportunity to prosper at all has impacted every part of my life and other inventions ” , says Hartman .



 Hartman CAD Images presented to Infant Furniture Industry

CAD Images presented to Infant Furniture Industry

“While millions of people prosper because of my contributions to the Internet which my government credited to other people and millions of infants and young children are safer because of my designs in furniture for infant safety – I am maligned and everything I own taken away from me . Yes , I know the ugliness of racism , greed , and oppression because I have seen it up close . A pox on race haters and greedy , covetous oppressors ! They are the creme de la creme de scum . Although I am deeply offended and angry , I will not let them embitter me . I am glad about the good that has come to others because of my intellectual property and inventions although I have not prospered . I started inventing in my 40′s . I could have lived a better standard of life and received the special medical care and support that I needed . If my intellectual property is restored , I will do what is in my power to help the nation . I will not let the creme de la creme de scum change who me . I seek Justice , not revenge !

.. Local bigots and frauds even scheme to take away my house while they and their families benefit from the use of the Internet as well as other inventions to which I have contributed. Being treated this way because of the color of my skin , and illness over which I have no control is ridiculous . There is no consideration of even my humanity as I am a senior and chronically ill and now fighting in several courts to stave off hate and the haters taking everything that I have worked for over a lifetime . How much less can such arrogance and ignorance acknowledge my ownership of intellectual property ? It is so ridiculous as to be sublime and funny ha ha if it were not so sad as to the impact on the quality of my life . There is a reckoning as their House of Cards is starting to implode .”

She is hoping that the matter concerning the INTERNET to be heard by the Supreme Court will help bring some of the overwhelming injustice to an end . She is hoping that if her intellectual property is not restored by the awarding of a patent by the United States Patent and Trademark Office for the Accessing Accessibility Process which transformed the prior telecom structure into today’s modern Internet – then at the very least she should be compensated for its loss . The Government has not declared Eminent Domain over the structure even though its has been in illegal confiscation of her intellectual property regarding the transformation for 23 years . If she is to know justice , now is the time . The proper disposition of her intellectual property and/or compensation for its loss can help offset the enormous losses that she is suffering . There are important constitutional questions to be answered here and she says that she is very grateful that the Supreme Court has decided to review her case against the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Below are some images of her invention , the Infant Auto Seat with Guards . This invention also first introduced in 1998 is designed to insure additional protection as well as protect against injury caused by the accidental deployment of air bags to youngsters in automobiles. Lack of funding and again theft of the intellectual property led to the none protection of this idea . Talking to auto manufacturers and infant furniture companies again receives the usual , ” we are not interested.” In spite of confidentiality agreements and feigned lack of interest , the product shows up on the market a few years later – adding more to the bottom line of the manufacturer and not paying the inventor .

She has other inventions like Method(s) to Scrub Greenhouse Gases From the Atmosphere , which was introduced to the National Science Foundation more than 30 years ago . Had it been researched – it might have made a difference . Conservation has been so much abused that weather patterns and the environment are becoming hostile to life on the planet . Her patent application #12448310 languishes in the patent office as the patent office rushes to turn out technology -although who knows how many phones and weapons we need – while jobs clean water, and clean food become scarce . ” Apparently they have all the answers and the Master Plan . Unfortunately , it does not work .”

Hartman says that she still encourages others including people of color to continue to innovate . ” Although you may not receive the million dollar contract or even the opportunity to improve your living standards because of oppression and greed by others – Your ideas if they help others will also help you . Keep the Faith.”

Infant Auto Seat With Guards

Infant Auto Seat With Guards

Hartman Infant Auto Seat

Hartman Infant Auto Seat

Similar Industry Safety Seats

Similar Industry Safety Seats

Parade of Smartphones | Smartphone

A parade of smartphones , showing some of the choices available in today’s smartphone market .

HTC one

HTC one



HTC 8X Smartphone
Something different than iOS or Android.   Windows Phone 8 operating system  and home screen .Also HTC One with seamless interfacing of aluminum and plastic .


Nokia Lumina

Nokia Lumia 1020, Nokia Corp. Smartphone
This Windows Phone has a 41-megapixel sensor and six lenses, delivering unrivaled image quality both in daylight and low-light conditions.  Nokia claims users will enjoy the sharpest pictures possible.  You can shoot first and zoom later.

iphone 5

iphone 5

iPhone 5  Smartphone
Apple’s  smartphone – introduced last year – has a 4-inch Retina screen and the ability to connect to 4G LTE networks from Verizon, AT&T and Sprint.

Nexus 4

Nexus 4

Nexus 4 Smartphone
Launched last fall, this popular unlocked phone from Google and LG has a 4.7-inch display.


samsung galaxy 4

samsung galaxy 4

Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy is the phone line that shifted attention away from the iPhone and toward Android.
Galaxy S4, Samsung Electronics
With its 5-inch screen , the display is sharp, at 441 pixels per inch


samsung galaxy note ll

samsung galaxy note ll

Samsung Galaxy Note II Smartphone

Galaxy Note II, (phone + tablet) with a gigantic 5.5-inch screen that’s includes an advanced S Pen stylus. Choice of those who need 4G connectivity and like to quickly jot down notes  and run two apps side by side.



LG optimus G

LG optimus G

LG Optimus G  Smartphone

LG proved it can still make a splash in the smartphone world with the Optimus G, a close cousin of the Nexus 4.


xperia Z. sony corp

xperia Z. sony corp

Xperia Z, Sony Corp. Smartphone

The Xperia Z mostly catches up with offerings from Samsung and HTC, but one feature stands out: Its water-resistant shell means you can submerge the phone at least 3 feet deep for up to 30 minutes.


Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10

Blackberry Q10, Blackberry LTD. Smartphone

The Q10 is a successful marriage of the modern touch-screen smartphone and the iconic BlackBerry keyboard.  Once you navigate, you can positively zip between tasks.



Blackberry z10

Blackberry z10

Blackberry Z10, Blackberry LTD. Smartphone 

The Z10 is the first phone to run RIM’s new BlackBerry 10 operating system , But the Z10 looks like every other smartphone on the shelf. It’s a flat black slab with a touch screen, measuring 4.2 inches. Only once you turn it on do the differences become more evident.